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Meet the Team

Our team of veterinary professionals is dedicated to delivering the best customer service and compassionate care to you and your pets.


Tatum St. Pierre, DVM

Chief of Staff
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Candice Manganaro, DVM

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Allison Stahl, DVM, MS

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Support Staff

Portrait of Amber Fessenden

Amber Fessenden

Hospital Manager

Portrait of Tracy Duval

Tracy Duval

Veterinary Technician

Portrait of Danielle Payton

Danielle Payton

Veterinary Technician

Portrait of Rhonda Policastro

Rhonda Policastro

Veterinary Technician

Portrait of Brianna Garrett

Brianna Garrett

Veterinary Assistant

Portrait of Emiley Holtzclaw

Emiley Holtzclaw

Veterinary Assistant

Portrait of Brittany Pagano

Brittany Pagano

Veterinary Assistant

Portrait of Loretta Smallridge

Loretta Smallridge

Client Care Specialist

Portrait of Melody Williams

Melody Williams